Saturday, 15 December 2012

Goodbye everyone

What a great year this has been. I hope you have enjoyed being in Room 3 and I look forward to having some of you come and visit our blog next year. Please keep in touch. Our blog address will be different next year. The page is still being made but soon you will be able to drop in at, Merry Christmas, with love from Mrs Todd

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Mini christmas decorations!!

In class we have been really getting into the Christmas spirit by creating mini Christmas trees and other christmas decorations such as posters and things. The procedure of making the Christmas trees went like this... 1.get a pine cone from the bench 2.choose a colour and paint it 3.then you had three choices for the this stage you could add another lighter colour on the tips of the mini Christmas tree or add white to make it look like snow and the last choice was to decorate it with glitter. 4.paint the base of your tree 5.add decorations on it