Friday, 31 August 2012

Maia Walczak Inspired Art

Maia Walczak inspired artwork on PhotoPeach Today we looked at one of Maia Walczak's pieces of art - Sunset Sessions. We then created our own versions.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Using Twirlers


On thursday we went to the museum and we made twirlers. When the Maori were sick they had a speacil member of the tribe to come and say some prayers and they would have twirlers to get the sickness out of them they were made out of tree bark for the middle and flax for the string.

Friday, 17 August 2012

More Stray Stories

It’s evening in a city where the sky has gone a dreadful shade of grey from smoke. Amongst the dark factories and dreary office buildings there is a dirty, damp, dump. Where a white, stray dog searches for food to fill it’s empty stomach in the pale moonlight. The stray comes across a very busy motorway. It does not know how dangerous the road is. It crosses slowly, maybe limping, across the motorway. Halfway there then....BANG! The dog lays there on the road. Another dog sees the motionless body lying on the road. The dog drags the body to the safety of the woods. The other dog took care of it well. It brought things for it and they both slept together under the bright, glimmering moon that sat upon the star-lit sky like crystal orb on a velvet cushion encrusted with diamonds. The next morning, the sky was a pale grey. A bright orange butterfly danced in the air in front of a single stray and a ghost of a dog still lingering on this very earth. By Francine It was a dark grey day. In the large city their stood a rubbish dump. It was a dark damp dump with many stray dogs, and one dog named Boris lived there. He was looking for food to keep him alive for just a bit longer. After awhile looking for food Boris set off for a midnight walk. When something stopped him it was a huge four lane motorway. Trucks and cars zoomed past but luckily Boris made it across safely. But another stray dog named Doris also tried to cross the busy motorway. He had made it half way when SPLAT! A large truck had come and ran Doris over. Boris saw this and ran like lightning to save little Doris. Boris yanked Doris’s lifeless body off the motorway. To the fields in the country side. Doris lied dead, but something strange happened under the full moon. Doris came back as a ghost. Boris and Doris slept happily under the full moon. The next day Boris and Doris played and chased butterflies . By Ronan
Stray, by Oliver It was a dark night. The owls were hooting in the large oak trees. Stanley the dog was on his way across the raging motorway to get to the hill where he rests his skinny body. After a long day of finding food in the dump he felt good as he slept the night away. He woke thinking about where he will start his long search for food. He walked lazily down the hill and on to the motorways curb. Unaware of the hazardous dangers that await him as the crossed the motorway he took five wary steps then SLAM! Stanley was out cold. Meanwhile another skinny brown dog called Rodger he heard Stanley’s call of distress and ran to the rescue when he had reached the dog he pulled Stanley to the side of the road. Rodger brought food everyday till Stanley got better. But sadly nights passed and Stanley got sicker and sicker later that night Stanley died he was as dead as a dodo.

Our Stray Stories

Based on a true story Seagulls and blackbirds flew across the dark gloomy, cloudy sky. In the city dump poor unhappy, stray dogs were scavenging for food or leftover scraps. Each dog was as skinny and bony as each other, and poor and lonely as each other too. Unfortunately one of the stray dogs didn’t have any luck finding food. He crossed the busy motorway feeling helpless and miserable. The stray dog slept behind some bushes not to faraway from the city dump. He looked at the beautiful moon which was a gorgeous pearl in the pitch black velvet sky. The next day he planned on going to the city dump again. He reached the incredibly busy motorway which was now busier than ever. The stray dog felt helpless, frightened and scared. He didn’t know when to go, but eventually the dog decides to dash through the busy road hoping he will make it unharmed. BANG! A busy truck driver ran over the poor stray dog, the truck driver did not stop for he was far too busy. On the other side of the road was a skinny stray dog. The dog ran to the injured dog and dragged him to the footpath. Over the days the stray dog looked after the injured dog, they became friends and spent the rest of their life’s together as stray dogs, though now they were a little bit happier as stray dogs since they knew someone was looking out for them. By Christa
Stray, by Rawinia Chapter One: The sky was a torrent of darkness as the stray dog, scavenged around aching all round. Its body was skin and bone from the lack of food it’s had over the last few years. Chapter Two: He slowly wandered away from the dump, he was a snail compared to the cars on the busy highway, and he ran across the road and got run over by a rude truck driver who yelled out “Get out of the way you ugly mutt” not worried by the fatal medical issues he has. Chapter Three: Another stray dog was overlooking the incident and so alarmed she put her own life on the line to go and see the wounded dog. After she had pulled him of the road she treated him like he was her pup cared for him and loved him. Chapter Four: One day just like a pup and a mother the injured dog was well again and they had to go their separate ways they knew that they would never forget each other.
Stray by Alliyah It was a cold and grey evening and the moon shone in the twilight. A dog was lurking in the dirty crooked dump searching for any leftovers. It was a Labrador called Pascual. He was lonely as anyone with no family or hope. Just then, another dog was creeping in the dark gloomy dumpster. He was called Chavealonzo. They were both lonely and Pascual trusted Chavealonzo and had a stroll around the busy city. Chavealonzo fell asleep. But Pascual was wandering ‘round the motorway. He was trying to go back to the stinky old dump. Pascual hindered the roaring racketing road then... CRASH!! The truck was a monster roaring in the city. No one noticed a poor dog lying in the dark cold road. Chavealonzo raced on the road to help his loyal friend. He dragged him in the footpath. Chavealonzo was begging and praying. He felt asleep and the time passed quickly as the night was all misery. Morning passed and all that sadness sped away. Chavealonzo was shocked and mesmerised that... PASCUAL WAS ALIVE!! It was a glorious moment! They became best friends and they lived happily ever after THE END ...based on a true story...

Thursday, 16 August 2012


In term 3, Room 3 are studying the work of Maia Walczak. Maia is an artist and creator of children’s books. This week we have looked at the book Stray. This book has no words and so we have written our own text to accompany the pictures.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Our healthy lunch

Last week on Friday our class made healthy lunch as a follow up for a programme we did last term called food for thought. In this we learnt about how to eat healthy and how to read